AOJ-30G Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 4.2-inch LCD Screen BP Meter

1. HD 4.2-inch LCD Screen
2. Type-C charging cable and dry battery power supply
3. Dual User * 199 memories can be automatically stored
4. Good-performance chips and upgraded algorithms make measurements more accurate
5. Displays the average value of the latest 2 or three data, more reliable
AOJ-30G Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Model AOJ-30G
Measuring Method Oscillometric measurement
Display Mode LCD display
Screen Size 81.2mm×70.9mm(4.2-inch)
Dimension 130mm(L)×100mm(W)×60mm(H)
Weight About 263g (without batteries)
Measuring Range Pressure value:
SYS: 57-255 mmHg; DIA: 25-195 mmHg
Pulse rate: 40-199 bpm
Accuracy Pressure value: ±3 mmHg
Pulse rate: ±5%
Power Source 4xAAA DC6V or DC5V type C cable