AOJ-30M Upgraded Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

1.4.7-inch HD screen: LED screen, clear readings
2.3 users mode: 2 users*300 memories + guest mode
3. Blood pressure indicator changes color according to the BP value
4. Dual power supply: Type-C charging cable and battery are both available.
5." Cuff worn" detection: Automatically detect whether the cuff fits the arm to avoid too loose affecting the measurement
6."Keep still" indication: it reminds you that you may move during the measurement. Please measure again
AOJ-30M Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Model AOJ-30M
Measuring Method Oscillometric measurement
Display Mode LED
Screen Size 91 mm x 86 mm (4.7-inch)
Dimension 129mm(L) × 112mm(W) × 58.5mm(H)
Weight About 280g (without batteries)
Measuring Range Pressure value: SYS: 57-255 mmHg; DIA: 25-195 mmHg
Pulse rate: 40-199 bpm
Accuracy Pressure value: ±3 mmHg (±0.4kPa)
Pulse rate: ±5%
Power Source 4xAAA d.c. 6V or d.c. 5V type C cable