AOJ-F102 Non-Contact Infrared High Precision Forehead Thermometer

Item No.: F102
1. Instant measurement in one second, high fever alert
2.3 in 1 functions: ear and forehead mode, and can also take object temperature.
3. 40 sets of data memories for previous temperature readings
4. Shut down automatically after 10 seconds

Why Choose AOJ-F103 Infrared Thermometer?

1. Multi Function: It has forehead mode , ear mode, object mode, 3 modes make the temperature measurement  more accurate. 
2. Easy to use,the machine design intention is for Simple and accurate.
3. Read the temperature in 1 second, so the parents no longer worry about the difficulty of temperature measurement, and sick children can sleep soundly without being disturbed by temperature measurement.
4.It can help you remember 40 sets of temperature data. You have no need to record it any more.
5. With Mute Mode .
6. Fever warning function;
7. Conversion of Celsius/Fahrenheit Units;
8. Automatic shutdown function, low power consumption.

9.Slim Cut, Small body with large screen, show current and previous readings.
10 . Multi-function: Strict inspection standard, control the accuracy within ±0.15℃in blackbody mode, with thousands of clinical trials.
11. Product Quality Reliable : 100% Product Testing . Every unit will run environmental test between 15℃to 35℃.
12. Product Design: 
Uninque Shape Patent Design Protection Product . it has Obrious Advantage to open the market than public model.

13. With stylish protective pouch with every purchase
14. 3 Colors Backlight ,color temperature indication
15. The AOJ Infrared Thermometer shuts off automatically after 10 Seconds to preserve life of battery.
16. Low battery indicator, warns user to replace battery.
17. Factory Price , The good Price very good for both business man and users

18. Useage , The product is not only Perfect for use with newborns, infants, children or adults ,But also Perfect to use test room temperature ,Milk, water, Bath water and so on .