Electronic Stethoscope

1. High-precision sensors to pick up sounds in specific areas, including heart and lung sound patterns
2. The feature of 40~108x amplification is available in this stethoscope
3. A good noise reduction technology is present in this stethoscope
4. It can be connect to Bluetooth and easily share the recording of auscultation which provides the diagnostic basis for remote diagnosis
5. Support original wired headset, suitable for various scenarios
6. The size is very small, lightweight and portable
This electronic stethoscope is used to monitor the changes in the activity of the heart, lung, and other organs in patients with cardiopulmonary disease.

Key Features:
  1. Non-contact auscultation is safer
  2. Quickly create patient files and mark auscultation records
  3. Auscultation records can be traced back to provide the diagnostic basis for remote diagnosis
  4. Support original wired headset or Bluetooth headset, suitable for various scenario
Bluetooth connection
  1. Non-contact auscultation
  2. Reduce multiple contacts between doctors and patients

Disinfection box
  1. UV one-button disinfection
  2. Sterilization and storage combination
  3. Safe materials and simple operation
Smart stethoscope APP
  1. Real-time recording of auscultation records
  2. Data transmission and sharing