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9 of 10 People Measure Blood Pressure Incorrectly!

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Update time : 2022-08-17 17:48:19
When measuring blood pressure at home, the value fluctuates up and down. Some people suspect that the blood pressure is "inaccurate"; others worry that their blood pressure is "out of control". In fact, the reason why many people's blood pressure values are not accurate, which is closely related to whether the method of measuring blood pressure is correct or not.
Don't think that you are a "skilled worker" after measuring your blood pressure at home for many years. Take a look at the following four blood pressure measurement details, as long as you do one wrong, the value will definitely be inaccurate!
Detail 1: Choose the right blood pressure monitor
Is the mercury blood pressure meter the most accurate? wrong! Mercury blood pressure meter has large errors!
Many people think that mercury ones are the most accurate. Actually not. Because the operation is difficult for the master, the pulsation sound is monitored by deflation, and the final result is measured. If you deflate too quickly, especially for some patients with slow heart rates, it is more likely to cause measurement errors.
According to statistics, in the actual measurement process, the measurement error caused by a non-professional mercury blood pressure meter is about 50% higher than that of an electronic arm blood pressure meter!
In addition, the biggest danger of a mercury-type blood pressure meter is that it contains mercury. If it is accidentally broken and enters the respiratory tract of the human body, it will cause damage to the nervous system of the human body.
Electronic arm blood pressure meter, more stable and accurate!
The electronic arm blood pressure meter determines blood pressure by measuring the pulse of the brachial artery in the upper arm, and the brachial artery is closer to the heart, so its measurement results will be more stable and accurate. Therefore, the first choice for self-measurement of blood pressure at home is an electronic arm blood pressure meter that has passed the international certification.
Detail two:
The position and tightness of the cuff should not be "overestimated".
Size, position, and tightness all have a standard! The cuff must be "fitted" according to the thickness of your arm so that the cuff and the upper arm can fit completely. Cuff position "two horizontal fingers" away from the elbow.
When measuring blood pressure, the lower edge of the cuff should be tied at about 2-3cm on the elbow, neither too high nor too low, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the blood pressure value!
The cuff is elastically tucked into the "two vertical fingers"
When many people measure blood pressure, the tightness of the cuff is estimated. In fact, there is also a standard for the tightness of the cuff, that is, after it is tied, it can be inserted into two fingers (vertical fingers), and don't be too tight.
The clothes are too thick and the blood pressure will be too high!
When measuring blood pressure, the thickness of the clothes under the cuff should be less than 1mm, the thinner the better. If the garment is too thick, it will cushion when pressurized and inflated and may result in a higher result. When measuring blood pressure, it is best not to lift up the cuff tube on the arm, because this will act as a tourniquet and lead to low blood pressure results.
Detail three:
Don't "do whatever you want" in the process of blood pressure measurement, be relaxed and quiet, and be at the same level as the heart.
When measuring blood pressure, keep relaxed and quiet, not to talk, watch TV, and drink water. At the same time, keep the cuff and the heart at the same level, and your legs are naturally on the ground.
Sitting position:
Do not cross your legs, because this will cause the contraction of the leg muscles, affect the return of blood, and make the blood pressure result on the high side. It is recommended to find a seat with a backrest that is more comfortable.
Lying position:
Many people have the habit of measuring their blood pressure immediately after waking up. If you have the habit of lying down to measure blood pressure, it is recommended to measure in a supine position, place a small cushion under your arm, and try to make the position of the cuff as level as your heart.
Detail four:
Measuring left arm or right arm?
There is not much difference in measuring blood pressure whether it is the left arm or the right arm. However, it is still recommended you often change hands to measure blood pressure, and do not always measure the blood pressure value on one side. Under normal circumstances, the difference in blood pressure between the left and right arms is within 10 mm Hg. It should be noted that when the blood pressure values ​​of the left and right arms are different, the side with the higher value should prevail. Never "recognize the low but not the high", this kind of self-comfort is harmful to yourself!
If there is a difference of 20 mm Hg between the arms, we recommend you to ask the doctor.

Source from: Expert Support/Lu Zhigang, Chief Physician Department of Cardiology, Sixth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University
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