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AOJ Medical held the 2021 mid-year performance evaluation and corporate culture promotion activities.

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Update time : 2021-09-24 18:15:07
On the afternoon of September 17, 2021, AOJ launched the mid-year awards ceremony and corporate culture promotion activities.
Attendees: All the staff

At the meeting, Manager Wang made an opening remark of a summary report on the company's work for the first half of the year, reiterating that this award was only a phased achievement, which meant the end of the first half and the coming of the second half.  

In the end, General Manager Gao delivered an important speech, looking back on the company's development history and making a comprehensive, objective and fair summary. He also put forward the development ideas for each stage of the company, and suggested that our vision in the future is to become a leading medical device supply chain service provider, focusing on medical device supply chain services and vital signs monitoring field with the aim to be the invisible champion in the industry.

Meanwhile he addressed on our company's mission and values: to create high-quality products, to achieve excellent brands, to serve more users, and at the same time, every staff should keep in mind of : integrity, progress, perseverance. All of them delivered the speech confidently and calmly, sharing their pride and infinite expectations for the future, which made every one of us feel the bright prospect of the company and strengthened the confidence within every one of us. We will strive to become a more dynamic and passionate team and conscientiously follow up the mission and values of AOJ in our work.  

After the opening speech, with the warm applause, our 2021 awards ceremony officially began!  
There is no shortcut to success but hard work! Only those who redouble their efforts can stand out!  
Excellent employees, best new stars and excellent supervisors of the first half of 2021 were commended at the meeting, and their sharing of successful experiences was a real benefit for all of us.

Excellent Employee

Lin Minling from Sales Department: She always actively cooperates with sales staff to communicate and summarize sales plans, and timely communicate with PMC, design and R&D of supply chain, actively push orders to be included in the delivery plan and review, finally produce the delivery plan, organize the confirmation of the first piece, delivery and other matters. She always keep a positive working attitude, is willing to accept the needs and suggestions of different team members, and proactively communicates and solves the problem.  
He Lie from R & D Department: He actively cooperates with the test and verification work of blood pressure atomization and body temperature blood oxygen two product lines. He can  complete the test on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, and make an important guarantee for the production introduction and mass production of subsequent products. He led the team to be actively responsible and to work overtime to complete the test tasks. Meanwhile, He carried out test cases, test plans and test reports in an orderly manner, and made continuous and rapid improvement in accordance with the requirements of regulations.  

Best New Star

Lu Ruoxin from Compliance Department: She actively cooperates with the company's compliance business development, communicates with internal and external partners of the company, clarifies objectives and plans, and actively coordinates and promotes solutions in abnormal situations, Introducing the compliance awareness of medical devices into the business team, continuously reviewing product materials and packaging materials, providing compliance opinions and suggestions, and improves the company's product compliance ability.  
Long Long from R&D department: He is willing to work hard and continues to solve the problems and deficiencies found in the early design or production process, improves the ability of product manufacturability, deliverability and other capabilities, recognizes and understands the product business planning, and uses their own experience to actively implement solutions.  
Excellent Supervisors

Zhou Song from R & D Department: He actively solves difficult problems left over from products, plays an exemplary role, and does not evade historical problems and pays attention to cooperate with other departments, also pays attention to coaching and training internal team members. And the overall team atmosphere is good with rapid improvement. He actively reviews the shortcomings of work and learns to improve personal growth quickly.  

New Star of Management

Xu Jinlan from Production Department: She actively undertakes the tasks arranged by the company, and organizes subordinates to achieve and improve; dare to undertake part of the process where the definition is not clear, and actively puts forward suggestions for improvement, implementation of their own initiative. She has certain skills and leadership in leading the front-line staff to carry out work, and she is supported by subordinates.

Outstanding Team

Compliance Department: actively cooperate with the company's business development plan, implement the system and regulations certification plan, and work overtime when conditions are not sufficient, actively cooperate with various departments to export and sort out a large number of document systems. Actively sort out the company's processes, and carry out corresponding training and promotion, and promote the company to develop into an excellent compliance medical device enterprise process system.  
Finance Department: cooperated with the company's business development plan, made continuous statistics of the financial system data, formed a relatively solid basic data system of the company's financial management, and support the company to conduct further financial analysis and business analysis. Team actively participates in inventory, cost accounting, cash flow management and so on to meet the business needs of the company.  

Excellent Front-line Employee

Chen Yangyang from Production Department: actively carry out production scheduling, staff training, work arrangement, etc., actively cooperate with the supply chain management team to implement the implementation, recognize the company's cultural values, and grow together with the company.
Chen Zhenxue from Quality Department: actively cooperate with supply chain management team to carry out QA work according to production and shipment plan, and actively put forward problems and improvement suggestions to complete the work with both quality and quantity.  
Qian Yingtao from Production Department: conscientiously organize the packaging, production, drainage and production work, actively cooperate with the company's shipping requirements and plans, and train new employees.  
Yang Zhou from Production Department : conscientious and responsible, excellent maintenance skills, actively cooperate with supply chain management team to share production tasks and troubleshooting.  

In the end, Mr. Gao delivered a summary of the meeting, saying that the development of the company cannot be separated from everyone's hard work and sincere efforts. He also said that every one of us should learn from excellent people, take them as an example, keep improving in our work, and work together with everyone in the future to thrive and grow together with the company.  
Under the leadership of the company's leaders and the spirit of unity and hard work of all employees, we are looking forward to a more brilliant and dynamic AOJ in the coming years.  

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