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Electronic Sphygmomanometer or Mercury Sphygmomanometer?

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Update time : 2021-06-23 14:13:07
There are two types of blood pressure monitors in the market: invasive blood pressure measurement systems and non-invasive blood pressure measurement systems. Non-invasive is divided into two types: non-invasive automatic measuring sphygmomanometer and non-invasive non-automatic side measuring sphygmomanometer.
1. The invasive blood pressure measurement system mainly measures blood pressure directly through the arterial indwelling needle. This method is generally regarded as the "gold standard" for blood pressure measurement. When measuring, it is necessary to pay attention to the fidelity requirements of the indwelling needle, whether the sensor position is correct, and The recognition of the pressure difference between aorta and peripheral arteries, etc., is a direct measurement of blood pressure in a true sense, and it has continuous detectability. However, this technology has certain risks to patients, and it is generally only used when the patient's hemodynamic conditions require it. Therefore, it cannot be widely applied.

2. The non-invasive blood pressure measurement system includes non-automatic measurement equipment and electronic measurement equipment. The main measurement principle of non-automatic measurement equipment is to use the Korotkoff method for measurement, and the principle of electronic measurement equipment is the oscillometric method. In 1905, Russia’s Nikolai Korotov discovered vascular sounds, which have now become the basis of the auscultation method used by the world’s most popular ambassadors. The Korotov method is named after Korotov. The Korotkoff-Sound method measures blood pressure by listening to the sound made by blood flowing through the blood vessels (Krotov sound). Roll the upper armband to send air, gradually pressurize, and cut off the circulation of arterial blood. With the gradual expulsion of the cuff air, when it reaches a certain pressure, the blood flow starts to flow again, producing a Korotov sound. The pressure at this time is called the highest blood pressure. When the pressure in the cuff is further discharged and the blood vessels return to their normal state, the Korotov sound will not be heard. The pressure at this time is called hypotension. This is by far the most widely used measurement method. A large number of experiments have proved that the blood pressure value measured by invasive pressure is highly correlated with the clinical data measured by mercury sphygmomanometer auscultation. It is generally believed that invasive blood pressure is higher than non-invasive blood pressure (5-20) mmHg.
By recording the state of blood flow in the arteries, it is converted into digital form. The mercury sphygmomanometer using the Korotkoff method is different. The electronic sphygmomanometer does not require a stethoscope and is more convenient to carry. Therefore, the electronic sphygmomanometer is more suitable for ordinary household use.

3. Use a mercury sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure
As a traditional sphygmomanometer, the mercury sphygmomanometer has relatively more accurate measurement results. It measures blood pressure with high accuracy and credibility, and has the advantages of good stability and long service life, but its shortcomings It is also obvious: inconvenient to carry, mercury leakage is likely to cause environmental pollution, low resolution, high requirements for users, etc., so it is not common in ordinary households, mercury sphygmomanometers are more suitable for professional operation in hospitals.

Mainstream sphygmomanometer measurement difference
1. Although the working principles of mercury sphygmomanometers and electronic sphygmomanometers are roughly the same, there is still a big difference in principle. Mercury sphygmomanometers mainly rely on the Korotkoff method to measure. The offset method is to manually recognize the sound from the arm and determine the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, while the electronic sphygmomanometer is mainly measured by the oscillometric method, the so-called display The wave law relies on the instrument to identify small pulses transmitted from the arm to the strap and calculate it to obtain the blood pressure value.

2. Both of these two mainstream sphygmomanometers have their advantages and disadvantages during use. Mercury sphygmomanometer, as the name suggests, its main structure is mercury, and mercury, also known as mercury, is a highly toxic chemical element. Once it leaks, it will cause great harm to the human body. So when using mercury sphygmomanometer to measure Attention should be paid to whether there is any leakage. The sensitivity of the pulsation sensor of the electronic blood pressure monitor may also cause measurement errors. Limitation of the position of the strap, human movement, friction, surrounding noise, or circuit failure will cause deviations in the measurement value, but this will not be too much. Many influences on the measurement value, as long as you choose a product of good quality and comply with the pressure measurement specification, the electronic blood pressure monitor can accurately measure the pressure for healthy people.

Schematic diagram of mercury sphygmomanometer                                                                                                                   Schematic diagram of electronic sphygmomanometer

Different types of sphygmomanometers adapt to different groups of people
1. With the increasing incidence of hypertension year by year, hypertension is no longer a “patent” for the elderly, and there are also hypertension patients in middle-aged and even young people. Generally healthy people, whether they use a mercury sphygmomanometer or an electronic sphygmomanometer, the probability of pressure measurement error is relatively small, and there are some special groups of people who need to choose according to their own conditions when buying a blood pressure meter.

2. In fact, whether it is a mercury sphygmomanometer or an electronic sphygmomanometer, you should know your own health condition before purchasing, and choose the product that suits you according to your actual situation. If you are measuring your blood pressure at home, you just need to measure Prepare adequately and measure in accordance with the correct method of use. Under normal circumstances, accurate measurement values can be obtained. Regularly observing changes in your own blood pressure is also a behavior responsible for your own health.

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