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Shenzhen AOJ Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Aided Hong Kong to Fight the Pandemic

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Update time : 2022-03-31 15:47:36


Hong Kong is currently experiencing the fifth wave of the epidemic, and as of March 30, 2022, nearly 1.14 million people have been infected.
Shenzhen AOJ Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is concerned about the safety of compatriots, quickly deployed resources, actively participated in helping Hong Kong, and donated medical supplies such as infrared thermometers and fingertip oximeters to the Hong Kong Legislative Council. The Legislative Council Member Hong Wen helped to distribute the supplies to nursing homes and other institutions as a public welfare gift on March 30, 2022. AOJ's move has received special thanks from the Legislative Council, the New World Foundation and other organizations.
At the current time, we are guarding each other and uniting as one to fight against the epidemic. We believe that Hong Kong will definitely overcome the epidemic and return to normal life as soon as possible!


After the outbreak of COVID-19, the fingertip oximeter played an important role in escorting the health of the infected population during the epidemic, and was used to measure the oxygen content in the blood of the human body.
In countries with severe epidemics, medical institutions are already operating at full capacity. People with mild infections can monitor their health status by monitoring blood oxygen levels. When the blood oxygen saturation is lower than 94%, it indicates that the oxygen supply may be insufficient. Please consult a doctor in time or go to hospital for further diagnosis.


AOJ Fingertip Oximeter

In addition to the COVID-19, fingertip oximeters are increasingly being used for home care monitoring as the incidence of adults chronic respiratory disease and the chronic disease of elderly continue to rise.
AOJ fingertip oximeter can be operated with one button, simple and stylish, small and light. It can quickly measure SpO2 and pulse rate, and the values are accurate and reliable. Now it has become an essential health monitoring instrument at home.

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